Leveraging the power of Digital Outdoor to stimulate culture, public safety, and local commerce.

When my father and I started this business, we had a set number of a spots that we could make available on our sign and two roads we could take: one road was to fill each spot with a paying advertiser and maximize profit, the other road was to save a few of those spots for a higher purpose; to give back to the communities that our signs call home. This is the road we decided to take.

When we operate our digital billboards, we save space for what matters; for local business, for the city government, for non-profit organizations, for the local school district, for artists to showcase their work, and for community members to advertise their events. We want to see our signs help more than just the big businesses; we want to see a higher attendance at your local school's concerts, plays, and sporting events; we want to see more people going to the local coffee shop on open mic night; we want to see more people show up at your neighbor's garage sale.

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