Digital Gateway Sign Information


Our Digital Gateway Signs play a variety of messages ranging from Community Events to Hometown Artist showcases to Local Business advertisements and much more. We aim to boost the culture and community interaction of your city as much as we aim to help local businesses reach their target audience. Our signs are much more than a standard billboard, they are an asset to your community.



We do. Plain and simple. No catch. The cities that our signs call home pay nothing to install, maintain, or enjoy the benefits of our Digital Gateway Signs. We lease or purchase a small plot of land from a private land owner as close as possible to your commercial district where traffic counts are sufficient to support our sign and fund the entire project from start to finish.

What's in it for the City?

Upon installation, the city offices receive one spot on each face of our Digital Gateway Sign free of charge to use in any way you see fit. Board meetings, safety notices, amber alerts, road closures, community events, etc. can all be promoted to the public via our display.

On top of this, Arch Digital Community Gateways runs a selection of a variety of Community Outreach Programs like Hometown Artist showcase, Freshman Business showcase, and Community Events. We offer free messaging for your Local School District and Fire Department, and offer very low priced advertising for non-profit organizations. We run these programs in place of otherwise paying commercial advertisers because we believe in the community-boosting power of these displays and want more than just business to benefit, but the local schools, community members, and government as well.


Multiple independent academic studies have shown negligible effects of digital message signs on distracting drivers attention away from the road when compared to traditional static billboards.

We want safe roads too, so we:

  • Adhere to all state, county, and local regulations.
  • Never display video, flashing, transition animations, or any motion whatsoever.
  • Ensure our messages stay static for no less than 10 seconds.
  • Equip our signs with automatic dimming technology that adjusts the display's brightness to the outdoor ambient lighting so that our screens are never bright enough to be a hazard in any lighting condition.

Other factors to consider:

  • These signs are capable of displaying Amber Alerts, road closures, inclement weather warnings, and traffic hazards, all of which have a positive safety impact on passing motorists and the community.
  • These signs allow the city to restrict the proliferation of privately held digital message boards by consolidating your local business's messages to one central location, rather than haphazardly spread throughout town.