What is a community sponsorship?

When you partner with Arch Digital Community Gateways, you are doing more than purchasing advertising space on a digital billboard, you are helping to stimulate your local community and economy by sponsoring our Community Outreach Programs such as Local Artist showcase, Amber Alerts, and Freshman Business showcase.

Perks of Digital Outdoor Advertising

dynamic content

Our contract customers gain access to dynamic features that interact with your target audience in ways no other form of advertising can offer.

  • Time-Based Ads
    • Reach your target audience at the right place and the right time! Set up multiple ads to play at different points throughout the day.
  • Weather-Based Ads
    • Set up ads to play at predetermined temperature points.
  • RSS Feeds
    • Run updates on sports scores, news headlines, radio programs and more automatically without ever having to think about it.
  • Social Media Updates
    • Set up multiple ads to play based on your business or organization's social media activity.
  • Countdowns
    • Have an upcoming event or sale? Build anticipation with daily countdowns.


High Exposure rates

We have locations with up to 14,000,000 yearly exposures. That's over 1,100,000 a month, and over 38,000 exposures every single day!


highly Responsive content updates

Our Premier customers receive 48 hour content updates!


Near-point-of-sale advertising

We strategically place our signs near commercial districts to enhance the effectiveness of your message. A television advertisement has to motivate your audience to leave their house for your product the next day, but an advertisement placed just down the street from your business will bring customers right to your doorstep!

High Quality Displays

We use only the best displays available on the market: American made Watchfire brand displays in the highest resolution possible. The clarity, precision of color, and state of the art features provided by these high-tech signs has to be seen in person to be believed!

Just Starting Out?

We understand the struggle of starting a small business. Many businesses feel that if only they could afford decent advertising, their business could take off. Here is your opportunity! If your business is in its first year of operation and is locally based, you could be eligible to earn one month of advertising on our Digital Community Gateway at no cost!